Why choose Arimitsu?

Our customers continue to comment that their self-serve equipment operates quieter and with greater reliability.

Our design and level of efficiency has made Arimitsu the #1 carwash pump in Japan. (*Note the high pressure seal structure and low pressure seal system)

Positive comments during trade shows and booth exhibits continue to grow.

What our clients say:

“I purchased a 9 bay self serve car/truck wash last year. I was new to the industry so I was open minded. I now have 5 Arimitsu Pumps and won’t go back to the competing brand. Cost point, consistency of operation, easy to work with and quietness are all considerations that make Arimitsu my choice. I’m not one to sit around and work on pumps and motors all day and I found that was what I did with the pumps made by the competing brand.”

Cameron Schulz

Legacy Car & Truck Wash, Dawson Creek British Columbia

“Thanks Cameron. I have to agree with you. About 7 months ago I had a competing brand pump go out on me. The parts to fix it were the cost of a new Arimitsu. I decided to replace it with a new Arimitsu Pump and am very pleased with it”

Korey Fay

Owner, Port Auto Wash, Port Washington WI

“Arimitsu has been providing us with high quality pumps since 2011. We continue to utilize Arimitsu pumps because they last forever, run quietly and efficiently, and require minimal, user-friendly service.”


Envirowash Solutions

“I change my oil in my Arimitsu pumps twice a year just so I can say that I did something with them!”


From Autocare Forum Post