Kleen Rite

Quiet Kleen Pump Stand

Experiencing noisy equipment rooms, expensive repairs, or looking to try something new?

Don’t deny yourself the opportunity of a quieter and more efficient operation. UPGRADE to Arimitsu Pumps on your equipment. The #1 selling Car Wash pump in Japan.

Why ask for Arimitsu Pumps:


Forged brass manifolds for strength and compact size that are machined to optimize fluid flow and decrease erosion.


Slide-in seal cases with self-compensating high pressure seals. No special tools. No weird seals.


Low pressure seals and inlet valves designed for suction minimizes cavitation.


Specially-formulated solid ceramic plungers and unique retainer system allows longer dry running without damage from thermal shock.


Greater efficiency and better design result in a quieter pump and equipment room and lower utility expenses.


Zero clearance, non-corroding exclusionary seal provides an added barrier against fluid from entering crankcase.


Stainless steel valves designed for the rigors of Car Wash.

*Also available on new VFD pump stands

Complete pre-plumbed & pre-wired. Assembled ready to go bay units.


Standard unit as shown:

Baldor 5HP, 3 PH Motor, Arimitsu Model 516 Pump, Regulator & Pulsation Dampener, Stainless Steel Soap & Wax Solenoids, 3-Way Valve set-up for hot wash & cold rinse, Weep Plumbed, Motor Starter, Transformer, Counter, Hour Meter, 2-Belt Pulleys & S.S. Belt Guard. Unit can be customized to your specification.

Upgrade your existing equipment with convenient upgrade kits.

Each kit includes: Pump, Rails to fit 5CP/310 stands, Hub, Key, 1-Groove Pulley.

Simply order the set-up that best fits your needs:


PN Description Specifications
61000 Model 313 Kit LEFT 4 GPM, 1500 PSI, 1050 RPM
61001 Model 313 Kit RIGHT 4 GPM, 1500 PSI, 1050 RPM
61002 Model 516 Kit LEFT 4 GPM, 2200 PSI, 950 RPM
61003 Model 516 Kit RIGHT 4 GPM, 2200 PSI, 950 RPM

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Model 313 PDS

Model 516 PDS

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