Arimitsu has been the industrial standard in Japan for decades. The largest industrial companies request Arimitsu pumps in their process equipment for installations all over the world.

The durability and performance of Arimitsu Pumps make them a necessity for a variety of industrial applications. Arimitsu's extensive product range covers 2-400 HP, 400 GPM, 21,000 PSI. All pumps designed and manufactured by Arimitsu Industry Co.

Typical Markets-Industries

Water and Wastewater

Waste Odor Control
Bilge Purging
Underwater Cleaning
Leachate Extraction

Power Generation

Wet Compression
Insulator Washing
Evaporative Cooling
CO2 Injection

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical

Waste-water Re-injection
Oil Well Stimulation
Chemical Injection
Crude Oil Transfer
Methanol Injection
Boiler Tube Cleaning
Equipment Wash down
Hydrostatic Testing
Accumulator Charging

Food, Agriculture, Forestry

Humidity Control
Fertilizer Injection
Food Processing
Pesticide Injection
Temperature Control
Wood-Pulp-Paper Process
Lumber Conditioning


Boiler Feed
Circuit Board Cleaning
Casting/Mold Cleaning
Flash Removal
Conveyor Cleaning
Machine Coolant Flushing
Gel and Foam

Chemical, Pharmaceutical

Chemical Processing
Liquid CO2
Low Lubricity Liquids
Lipid Extraction


In-Plant Cleaning
Mass Transit Cleaning
Aircraft Cleaning-De-Icing
Golf Course Aeration
Train Washing
Vehicle/Equipment Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Mining Dust Suppression
Label Removal
Paint-Rust Removal
Condensor-Heat Exchange
Tube Cleaning
Underground Tank Cleaning
Gypsum-Cardboard Cutting
HWBF Systems
Mold-Algae Removal


Reverse Osmosis-Desalination
Decontamination Systems
Fire Fighting-Misting-Foam


Hydro Excavating
Live Wire Insulator Washing
Solar Panel Washing
Sewer-Pipe Cleaning
Hydraulic Powered Washers
Garbage Truck-Street Sweepers
Airplane De-icing
Brush Foam Fire Fighting
Turbine Cooling
Dust Suppression
Visual Effects
Outdoor Cooling-Misting

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